My P2P Portfolio

I started investing in Loan marketplaces or P2P investment platforms in February – 2019, the below chart shows how my extra small portfolio has been growing over time.

Currently, I have over € 1000 invested in 5 platforms. Most of my funds are allocated in Viainvest, Mintos and Debitum Network.

I have been slowly increasing my investments on Mintos and Viainvest, though I have not added any funds to Grupeer and currently I am not planning either. I simply prefer the other two platforms, even though the interest returns are higher on Grupeer. Also, I want to diversity across platforms a bit more.

The newest addition to my portfolio is Debitum Network, where I signed up from the referral link and received 10 EUR immediately for 250 EUR investment.

On Mintos during March and April, I had quite low returns since a lot of loans got delayed, though those were bought back and I received the interest in June and July – though, only two loans were bought back with the Buyback. I do find it quite strange, because usually whenever I sign in around 30-40% of my portfolio is overdue, so I would expect the buybacks to be through the roof. Moreover, they show recently added loans as “current”, which also misrepresents the situation.

Peerberry also has the same issue, there has been not even a single loan that would be repaid on time, not even one. It does concern me and I am not planning to increase my investments there.

With regards to the repayments, Grupeer does it the best – always on time so it is tempting to increase investments there, but there are a lot of other P2P platforms that I could add to my portfolio, so for now, I will keep my account value unchanged.

In November I’m planning to add Lenndy to my portfolio. They also offer a small bonus through the referral links, so it is a good opportunity to increase my earnings.